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Rosetta Stone is a language learning software named after the Egyptian stone created in 196 BC and discovered by the French in 1799 in Rosetta, a Mediterranean harbour in Egypt. The translation of two Egyptian languages and classic Greek greatly helped to understand the principles of hieroglyphic writing.. More
Undoubtedly, language learning requires a lot of input in terms of time and effort. Yet if an element of entertainment is added to the process of language acquisition, the whole experience may become more enjoyable as well as fruitful, ultimately cultivating in the learner an openness to new knowledge and a natural curiosity. More
Transparent Language (http://www.transparent.com/) is not the name of a single language learning software but rather a software development company specialized in the creation and production of some of the most sophisticated and effective language learning software presently available on the market. Language learning software packages from Transparent Language have helped people all over the world to acquire a good command of one or more foreign languages in a fast and effective manner, right from the comfort of their home. More