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Learning of a Second or a Third Language – whether in a formal or an informal context, and at any age – is becoming increasingly popular in our present times. Several reasons account for this wave of change in attitudes towards languages, but the main reason is most probably that linguists, paedagogues, policy-makers and the masses at large have begun to understand the neuro-cognitive benefits of Language Learning. More
Learning a foreign language requires a cumulative approach towards learning. Since a language has such basic components as grammar, vocabulary and some typical spelling and sentence construction sensitivities, foreign language learners at all ages and levels need to assimilate the multiple aspects of the language and harmonize them all. More
Ideally, though foreign language learning should happen with a proper combination of formal as well as informal learning as both modes of learning really compensate each other. Foreign language learners can roughly categorize the alien languages into two types: those which have the same ancestry as the learners’ mother-tongue and those which branch out from a completely different linguistic source. More